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If you are looking for quiz question , then you are welcome to!  Here are some interesting collections of Quiz questions  related on various fields.

  1. According to the latest declaration made by the government there only one Metropolitan city and 12 sub-metropolitan cities. Now tell the total number of municipalities of Nepal.
    – 217
  1. How many district of Nepal do not have municipalities?
    – 5
  1. The religious places like Satasidham, Barah Chettra and Resunga are located in Jhapa, Sunsari and Gulmi. Now tell in which district is Chaughera Pith located.
    – Dang
  1. When was Legal Act of Nepal-2004 (Baidhanik Kanun) declared?
    – In 2004 BS [By Padma Shamsher]
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