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MeroSpark – Notes on your hand; an offline platform for Nepalese students studying in +2 (HSEB) as well as Bachelor’s level to learn from their smartphones. The app is customized for 100% OFFLINE use so that students can read even if there isn’t access to internet.


Key Features:

a. Zoom-In & Zoom-Out Tool
The app consists of zoom-in and zoom out feature so that students can read in the appropriate font. Zoom tool on app works similar to zoom in and zoom out images.

b. Systematic Categorization
The contents of app are categorized in a systematic way according to subjects. And the subjects are further sub-categorized according to the chapter and units.


c. Small Size
The app file size is very small comparatively. Maximum compression have been done to make the app size small with better graphics.

d. Built-In Dictionary
The app consists of a built-in English-Nepali dictionary so that students don’t need to turn dictionary pages and search there. Currently, the dictionary consists of approximately 200 words only. More words will soon be added.

e. Based on Nepalese Curriculum
All the contents of different academic levels available in this app are based on Nepalese curriculum and we have tried our best to regularly update the app contents along with the curriculum. In every subject, you can find Specification Grid for board examination.

Developer –NepSpark TechnologyDeveloper

Download Link – Click here To Download MeroSpark

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