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  1. According to the latest declaration made by the government there only one Metropolitan city and 12 sub-metropolitan cities. Now tell the total number of municipalities of Nepal.
    – 217
  1. How many district of Nepal do not have municipalities?
    – 5
  1. The religious places like Satasidham, Barah Chettra and Resunga are located in Jhapa, Sunsari and Gulmi. Now tell in which district is Chaughera Pith located.
    – Dang
  1. When was Legal Act of Nepal-2004 (Baidhanik Kanun) declared?
    – In 2004 BS [By Padma Shamsher]

  1. How many minutes are there in 450‘s difference?
    -180 minutes [10=4′]
  1. Which meridian line is considered to be the standard meridian of Nepal?
    -The meridian passing through Gaurishankar Himal
  1. Into how many time zones in the world divided?
    – 24 times zones
  1. Everest or Sagarmatha is the highest place from sea level. Now tell which is the lowest place of Nepal from sea level?
    -Kechanakaln -s]rgfsng_ [It is located in Jhapa District with the height of 60 m.]
  1. We all know the Pharping is the first hydroelectricity of Nepal and it was completed in 1968 BS. Now tell what was the production capacity of that project?
    -500 KW
  1. The first book written about the Nepalese History was “An Account of the kingdom of Nepal.” It was written by whom?
    -William Kirkpatrick [An Englishman in 1793 AD]
  1. When did Nepal get the membership of UN?
    -10th December, 1955 [UN was established in 10th 1945]
  1. Who is the first femal SAARC Secretariat?
    – Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed
  1. Hindus go in the temple, Christian to the Church, Muslim to the mosque etc. Likewise where do Sikhs go to pray?
  1. Which two books are the religious books of Buddhist?
    -Tripitak and Jataka
  1. What does a sheaf of paddy shown in the coat of arms mean?
    -Nepal is an agricultural country
  1. Which is the most important holy place of Kirant?
    – Larumba [In Illam]
  1. Who is known as Mahatma Gandhi of Nepal?
    – Tulsi Meher Shrestha
  1. Which continent is known as land of extremes?
    – South America
  1. What is the length of the longest wall of the world “The Great Wall of China”?
    – 6400 km
  1. If people of Nepal are called Nepalese, people of India are called Indians then what are the people of New Zealand are called?
    – Kiwi
  1. Which country is known as the ‘Diamond of the Desert’?
    – Libya
  1. Which country proposed for Nepal as the location of the SAARC headquarters?
    – Pakistan
  1. Which place is known as the ‘human equator’?
    – The Himalayans
  1. Which colour is there in the center of the rainbow?
    – Green
  1. Which game is known as ‘The Royal Game’?
    – Chess
  1. What is the software stored in the ROM called?
    – Firmware -kmdJo/_
  2. What is the area of rhombus having length of diagonals 10 cm and 4 cm?
    – [20 cm2]
  3. What is the area of an equilateral triangle having length of side 1 cm?
  4. What is the total surface area of lidless cubical tank?
    – 5 l2
  5. What is the height of the cylindrical can having volume 1.54 liter and base area 77 cm2.
    – 20 cm
  6. What is the value of base 20 cm and height 24 cm.
  7. What is the probability of occurring the letter B or I of the word PROBABILITY?
  8. What are the probabilities of impossible event and certain event?
    – 0 and 1
  9. The mean of 20 numbers is 9. If 3 is added to every numbers, what will be the mean?
    – 12
  10. What is the value of k if k, 5 and 25 are in continued proportion?
    – 1
  11. What is the total surface area of the resulting cuboid if the two cubes of sides 4 cm are joined end to end to form a cuboid?
    -160 cm2
  12. What percentage increase when 8 is made to 10?
    – 25%
  13. When was Nepal declare as ‘Federal Democratic Republic Country’?
    – 15th Jestha 2065 BS
  14. Who is the first elected prime minister of Nepal?
    – B.P. Koirala
  15. Who is the first women president of Nepal?
    – Bidhya Devi Bhandari
  16. Who is called father of history?
    – Herodotus, a Greek Scholar
  17. What is the area of Chitwan National Park ?
    – 932 km2
  18. What is the length of Karnali inside Nepal?
    – 507 km
  19. Who was the first ruler of Nepal?
  20. Who construct Rani Pokahari?
    -Pratap Malla
  21. Who is known as the second Gautam Buddha?
    – Jaya Prithivi Bahadur Singh
  22. Who used the word ‘Jaya Nepal’ at first?
    – Sukraraj Sastri


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