Report Writing – Field Trip To Siddha BAT “CAVE”

                                                                                                                                     * Report writing From Students of Class 8.

 * Report writing From Students of Class 8.

     We are very thankful to Gorkha Higher Secondary School for arranging this trip. Similarly, we want to thank our social teachers Thaman sir and Raju sir. Again we want to thank Raju sir for checking this report, correcting our mistake and making this report more attractive.
GorkhaSchool is one of the renowned school which is committed to provide quality education in Tulsipur. Believing on the idea that exploration and travelling broadens mind, It manages various tours and trips every year. This year it took class 8 to Rapti Drinking Water Udyog and Siddha Bat Cave for field trip. It was the practical work of Social subject.
We started our journey at 10:00 am from the school. After half an hour we reached Ramri.Then, we went to Rapti Drinking Water Udyog.

Rapti Drinking Water Udyog:
Rapti Drinking Water Udyog was established in 2068B.S. It was established to remove dearth of water from Rapti zone. It aims to control many water-borne diseases. It prepares nearly 5,000 liters of water per day. Its product can be found in Rukum, Salyan and Dang district.
Distillation of water:
Rapti Drinking Water Udyog has a Water Distillator. It kills harmful germs and bacteria. It has two cylinders which filter the water sent by a drum. It makes water healthy and pure for drinking. It is the main part for preparing Mineral Water.
Preparing Bottle:
Rapti Drinking Water Udyog has a bottle preparing machine. Bottle is prepared by one type of capsule. At first capsule is kept on a machine. The machine has bottle shaped structures. It can prepare two bottles at a time. Capsule goes on the bottle shaped metal  and a highly pressurized air is injected. A bottle  appears to have its real shape as soon as stretch blow molding begins. After removing the bottle from the mold and removing excess plastic, the bottles are finally ready for use.

Filling water on bottles:
The water distillator sends the distilled water to a big tank where the pure water is collected. The tank sends water to the taps. The workers fill the water in bottles and laminate them in the manufacturing line.
Sealing the packed bottles:
The workers who fill water in the bottle and jars send the packed bottles to the worker who seal the bottles. The bottles are sealed using the sealing machine. The machine sends the sealed cartoon of bottles in the store room. Finally, cartoons are sent to the respective dealers.
We started our journey from Ramri to SiddhaBatCave. After the journey of 10 minutes on bus, we reached Harneti. Then we started to walk towards SiddhaBatCave. By watching green forest we reached our destination after two hours.
Siddha Bat Cave:
Siddha Bat Cave is one of the popular cave in Rapti zone. It is made up of limestone. It is above 14,000 meter from the sea level. It is 13km away from Tulsipur. On the day of Magh 10, here a big fair is held.
According to Sitaram Pun, who has been working from 2069/12/12 B.S., this cave was found by the team of HariBahadurThapa in 10th of Magh 2051B.S. In the team there were five people. It is believed that, Siddha Baba (Lord Shiva) settled down here.Here are the statues of Siddha Baba, Lord Shiva etc. It is also believed that Sita had bathed here.So,it has religious importance also.
The tourists come here from Nepal and India. The tourists mainly visit to know the physical and religious importance of the place. The tourist’s (approximately) chart is given below:
No. of tourists
Other days
Developed facilities:
To provide access to the tourists, different works have been done here. Ladder has been kept inside and outside the cave. The solar bulb is fitted inside the cave so that the visitors can see every corner of the cave. There is a ‘Pratikshyalaya’ near the cave. There are 77 steps on the ladder outside the cave. 3 ladders are kept inside the cave. The ladders were kept in the month of Asadh of 2062B.S.
Future Plans:
There are many difficulties to go there. The gravelled road is upto two third part of way from Harneti. It is very difficult to identify the way to go there. There are no taps for drinking water. So, they had planned to make gravelled road upto cave. They also had planned to make water tap, boards showing the way to cave, more statues and so on.
Supporting Organizations:
There are many organizations supporting it. Among them, TourismOffice, Bhairahawa is one of the organization helping to improve the facilities in cave.
Finishing the journey:
During our short stay in and around the cave we watched various things. The enchanting and panoramic view of the series of the mountains were indeed mesmerizing.Despite the tiredness and fatigue of trekking we enjoyed the spot amidst mighty mountains. In fact we were very happy that day. We left at 4:00pm from SiddhaBatCave for Tulsipur from where we started a day’s education trip.
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                                                             RAVIN KANDEL

Student Of Gorkha School 


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